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Visbreaking Unit (VBU)

February 2020


On 5 February 2020 in Płock, a General Contractor Contract was signed for the “Construction of a Visbreaking Unit (VBU) with the necessary technical infrastructure at the PKN Orlen S.A. production plant in Płock.”
The General Contractor of the EPC task will be a consortium made up of the following companies: KTI Poland Sp. z o.o. with its registered seat in Płock (leader of the consortium responsible for the design and delivery of equipment) and IDS-BUD S.A. with its registered seat in Warsaw (partner of the consortium responsible for the supply of bulk materials and implementation of all construction and installation works)
The Client is Polski Koncern Naftowy Orlen S.A.  
Description of the investment:
The purpose of the Visbreaking Unit is to increase the conversion of vacuum residue at the PKN Orlen S.A. production plant. The undertaking will consist of an industrial engineering building complex, in which the process of batch converting vacuum residue from fractional distillation will take place through thermal cracking carried out in mild conditions to gas, petrol and oil fractions and also to “cracked” vacuum residue, which results in reduced fuel oil viscosity and increased distillate yield. The Visbreaking Unit reduces the amount of diluted oil (with low viscosity and density) required to compose high-quality fuel oil.
In line with the design, the conversion of the Visbreaking Unit calculated as the high-margin fraction yield in relation to the quantities of feedstock will amount to up to 41% of mass.
The volume of the planned production capacity of the newly designed Visbreaking Unit will be 3300 tonnes/day (137,5 t/h) of feedstock.
The works to be performed by IDS-BUD S.A. include:
  • Construction of tray racks, etageres and supporting structures with heights up to 32 m.
  • Construction of complete buildings: electrical substations, compressor sheds, flood chambers
  • Underground infrastructure: electricity networks, automatics and measurements, water and sewage system
  • Surface: roads, pavements, trays for technological devices
  • Installation of technological pipelines made of black, black-galvanised, acid-resistant, alloy steel with ½ to 56 inches in diameter.
  • Installation of devices and a set of technological devices (heat exchangers, process coolers, pumps, compressors, reactors, columns, tanks, filters, petrochemical heater with chimney, overhead cranes, stirrers, dashpots) weighing between 0.1 tonne to 800 tonnes.
  • Assembly of electrical and teletechnical installations as well as automatics and measurements
Time for completion: 35 months