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CEZAMAT Central Laboratory
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28th of January 2014

Construction of the CEZAMAT Central Laboratory

On the 28th of January 2014, IDS-BUD S.A. has signed a contract for the construction of the CEZAMAT Central Laboratory, together with the supply of elements of equipment, as well as the supply, installation and start-up of scientific and testing devices, within the right of option.

The CEZAMAT (Centre for Advanced Materials and Technologies) Central Laboratory is the largest investment in the area of high-tech in the history of Poland, and also of significant importance at the global scale. The creation of this ultra modern laboratory, located at 19 Poleczki Street in Warsaw, is the result of a project carried out by a consortium of eight renowned Varsovian research centres, including four institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

The planned investment is a milestone towards reinforcing the competitiveness of Polish economy and reducing the technological gap between Poland and highly developed countries. It is also a foothold to create platforms of cooperation between science and business, through joint popularisation and implementation of technologies of the future.

The construction includes three buildings: technological and administration buildings (connected with an overhead passage) and an above ground parking, as well as technical infrastructure.

This exceptional research complex devoted to interdisciplinary research on materials and technologies of the future will be equipped with modern devices for nanoscale research (nanometre meaning one-billionth of a meter) at the intersection of physics, chemistry, biology and material engineering. At its “heart” there are the so called “clean rooms” - rooms purified by highly efficient filters. In accordance to the needs, the laboratories will have different classes of technical cleanliness or particularly high resistance to vibrations or electromagnetic radiation. The clean rooms shall not only have high class of air purity (10, 100 or 1000 in accordance to US FED STD 209E standards), but they will also be equipped with the necessary technical utilities (ultra clean, including liquid gases, deionised water, etc.).

The central research laboratory will be equipped with technological lines composed of five apparatus platforms:

  • Modelling and simulation platform
  • Structure, device and circuit technology platform
  • Material production platform
  • Biotechnology platform
  • Material, structure, device and circuit diagnostics and characterisation platform

CEZAMAT Central Laboratory in numbers:

  • Surface area of the laboratory building: 21,801.59 m2
  • Surface area of the administration building: 6,444 m2
  • Surface area of the parking: 4,405.50 m2