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Water storage facilities
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1st of April 2014

Water storage facilities in Górka Narodowa Wschód
On the 1st of April 2014, IDS-BUD S.A. signed a contract for the performance of the task entitled “Water storage facilities Górka Narodowa Wschód”. It has been contracted by Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji Spółka Akcyjna, Kraków [Water and Sewage Pipeline Company in Cracow].

The contract includes the design and construction of:

a) water reservoirs V = 2×15 000 m3,
b) valve chamber building situated between the reservoirs, which will host:

  • valve hall,
  • low voltage switchboard,
  • 2 water pressure booster units (1 network set and 1 technological set),
  • chlorine station,
  • technical room,
  • sanitary node,
  • vertical communication system,

c) retention reservoir for overflow and discharge waters with capacity of V~300m3,
d) retention reservoir for rainwater with capacity of V ~ 300 m3,
e) external infrastructure, including:

  • DN 600/400 mm overflow-discharge pipeline with a pressure reducing chamber, integrated within the newly designed sanitary sewage pipeline that will direct water to the existing sewage system in Batowickiej- Meiera Street,
  • DN 400 mm pipeline network,
  • drainage system elements; namely: an open perimeter trench, road gullies, a rainwater retention reservoir,
  • DN 150/400 mm sanitary pipeline,
  • internal access road,
  • fencing around the area,

f) external lighting of the area,
g) landscaping and vegetation,
h) drainage of the area and of the entrance.

The contract includes all the design and construction tasks together with preliminary works; mechanical, hydraulic and technological start-up, as well as handover for operation in accordance with the requirements of the Construction Law and the Conditions of Contract.
The investment project will provide an equalization and emergency storage reserve for the North-Eastern part of the city, and as a result it will:

  • reduce the amplitude of pressure variations, i.e. it will stabilise the pressure in the water supply network in the main zone of the city of Cracow,
  • reduce the number of failures in the water supply network and improve the end-user comfort in the Śródmieście (City Centre) and Krowodrza districts,
  • facilitate building construction development in the zone of immediate impact of the retention reservoirs, i.e. in the Górka Narodowa district,
  • eliminate the negative impact of failures at the water mains from the Raba intake, Rudawa intake and Dłubnia intake, as well as the failure (close down) of ZUW Dłubnia and ZUW Rudawa.

To be completed within: 18 months