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Train wash
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8th of August 2014

Construction of a train wash at the Tłuszcz railway yard
On the 8th of August 2014, IDS-BUD S.A. signed the contract related to the project called “Construction of a train wash at the Tłuszcz railway yard”. The Contracting entity is “Koleje Mazowieckie - KM Sp. z o. o.”
The subject of contract consists in building a hall for the ongoing cleaning of rolling stock at the Tłuszcz station, together with auxiliary facilities and works, including the removal of collisions with the existing infrastructure.
The train wash that is going to be built as part of this contract will be used, most of all, for automated washing of the external part of the trains in an automated brush train wash, as well as additional manual cleaning of the places where the brushes do not reach, such as the roof. The train wash will work all year round, 24 hours per day. It will be based on a closed loop of water with the separation of contaminants that appear during the washing process. Biodegradable chemicals will be used. The train wash can be used to clean Electric Multiple Units, railbuses, passenger cars Type X, Y and Z, double-deck rail cars, diesel locomotives and electric locomotives, as well as other rolling stock units whose gauge conforms to the UIC Leaflet 505-1.
The facility will have 1 floor, and partially 2 floors, especially in the technical and staff rooms part.
The building has been designed as a double-aisle hall, with a rectangular layout. The train wash will be located in the main aisle, while the auxiliary rooms - the offices, staff rooms and technical rooms - in the side aisle. The main hall of the train wash will be placed in the axis of track 43, and will be a pass-through hall. The tracks are placed on a waterproof concrete slab. The track will be electrified.
The devices and systems installed inside the hall will be equipped with an anti-freeze system with an automatic water removal with compressed air, whenever air temperature drops below 0°C. The train wash building will be equipped with lighting, proper heating and ventilation systems. Solar collectors will be located on the roof and used to heat water.
The protection of people working on the train wash roof will be provided through a system of ropes and anchorage points.
  1. Building footprint: 1600.9 m²
  2. Floor area: 1700.1 m²
  3. Building height at the attic: 8.7 m
  4. Cubic volume: 12599.0 m³
To be completed within: 10 months