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‘Mieszkanie Plus’ Programme
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Five multi-family residential buildings

 July 2017

On 3 July 2017 IDS-BUD S.A., signed a contract on The construction of five multi-family residential buildings at ul. Husarska in Wałbrzych
The investor is MP Wałbrzych Sp. z o.o. (in organisation) with its registered office and address in 00-406 Warsaw, ul. Ludna 2.
The investment consists in the creation of five multi-family residential buildings (four ‘A’ type and one of ‘B’ type building) at Husarska street in Wałbrzych. Its construction will be financed by BGK Nieruchomości S.A. within Mieszkanie Plus, the government's pilot programme.
The usable area plan of the residential part provides for supplementary facilities (stroller/bike rooms, utility rooms). A total of 215 flats in a corridor – staircase system will be designed.
The planned buildings are six- and seven-storey facilities without basements. Vertical communication of the building is provided through one staircase and a passenger lift. Access to the building is provided directly from the ground level.
The usable area plan of the facility can be divided into:
  • basic function – residential:
    • The designer provides for type M1 flats (1-room with recessed kitchen accessible from the corridor), type M2 flats (2-room with a kitchenette) and type M3 flats (3-room with a kitchenette). Every flat has a balcony.
  • supplementary function:
    • - the stroller/bike room and utility room are located at the staircase and technical rooms are accessible from the outside of the building through separate entrances.
  • communication function:
    • - horizontal communication – corridors, vertical communication – staircase, lift.
The buildings in numbers:
Measurements and geometry of the A building:
  • Number of storeys: 7
  • Usable floor area 2,535.94 m²
  • Total net site area: 3164.61 m²
  • Building volume: 12686.1 m³
Measurements and geometry of the B building:
  • Number of storeys: 6
  • Usable floor area 1122.78 m²
  • Total net site area: 1431.39 m²
  • Building volume: 5594.4 m³
Construction completion date: 03.01.2019