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Exit from road S-7
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 August 2017

On 17 August 2017, IDS-BUD S.A. concluded an agreement to perform the contract: “Design and construction of the southern exit from Warsaw of the express road S-7 on the section from the Lotnisko junction of the Warsaw Southern Ring-Road to the Grójec ring-road – Section “B” from “Lesznowola” junction (no junction) to “Tarczyn Północ” junction (with a junction) –section length of ca. 14.80 km”
Commissioned by: the State Treasury; General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways, Department in Warsaw
Objective of the investment: constructing a safe express road section which will ensure a high level of comfort of long-distance traffic for high-speed journeys, which will constitute an exit section from Warsaw which in the future will be connected with Krakow by an express road.
General scope of the order:
  • drafting project documentation (Construction project and Implementation projects),
  • drafting Specifications for Performance and Acceptance of works,
  • obtaining decisions on permissions for an implementation of a road project required by law,
  • road works:
    • construction of a dual carriageway S-class road of the length of ca. 14.801 km
    • construction of service roads,
    • construction of road junctions: Antoninów; Złotokłos; Tarczyn Północ
    • construction of rest areas
    • construction of pavements and bicycle paths
    • reconstruction of local roads and access roads,
    • construction of 14 overpasses, 3 bridges, pedestrian overpass crossing the express road
    • obtaining necessary decisions and administrative permissions
  • trade works regarding road-associated facilities
  • construction of environmental protection equipment: acoustical barriers, water treatment devices, etc.,
  • finishing works,
  • drafting post-implementation documentation,
  • obtaining an occupancy permit.
Time for completion: 34 months (excluding the winter period specified as 15 December – 15 March )