Construction of the Moxy hotel next to the Katowice Pyrzowice airport

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Moxy hotel next to the Katowice Pyrzowice

 July 2017

EMKAA Moxy Pyrzowice baner
On 3 July 2017, IDS-BUD S.A. signed a contract for the construction of the Moxy hotel next to the Katowice Pyrzowice airport.
The project was commissioned by CHOPIN AIRPORT DEVELOPMENT Sp. z o.o.
Description of the subject of the contract: The planned facility will be the first Moxy hotel in Poland. This hotel brand is characterised by modern design and innovative solutions. Three-star facility will be designed to be in tune with Silesia and its atmosphere, will have 4 storeys and a multi-purpose ground floor, which will consist of a social and technical part as well as an office and gastronomic part for the hotel guests.
Basic parameters:
Constructed area – 981.39 m²
Total floor area – 4592.2 m²
Usable floor area – 2585.50 m²
Building volume – 16 272.12 m³
Number of underground storeys – 1
Number of above-ground storeys – 5
Number of hotel rooms – 100
Completion date: 12 months


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