Development and rebuilding (modernisation) of the sewage treatment plant in Sierpc



 April 2018

On 17.04.2018, IDS-BUD S.A. signed a contract to perform the task: “Development and rebuilding (modernisation) of the sewage treatment plant in Sierpc”.
The investor is Przedsiębiorstwo Gospodarki Komunalnej „EMPEGEK” Sp. z o.o. in Sierpc.
The objective of the investment consists in rebuilding and development of the existing sewage treatment system, reduction of the impact of the plant on the atmospheric air and reduction of electricity consumption produced from fossil energy sources by introducing electricity produced from renewable sources as well as bringing the urban waste water drained from the town of Sierpc to a level and composition which will make it fit to be discharged to the environment in compliance with the applicable provisions of law.
The treatment plant capacity will increase as a result of the development works: average daily capacity: from 6,412 m3/day to 7,500 m3/day.
The scope of the investment includes: rebuilding of horizontal Imhoff tanks – transforming one to become a sewage reservoir, construction of an external sludge receipt station; construction of closed fermentation tanks along with energetic use of the produced biogas; rebuilding the existing electroenergetic system and the Control and Measurement Instruments and Automation system (AKPiA), construction of hoses for media and complementing the existing communication system.
Time for completion: 30.09.2020
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