Potocka Apartamenty




fot1On 25 April 2018 IDS-BUD S.A. signed a contract to perform the investment: Construction of a facility "Apartamenty Potocka" along with obtaining the occupancy permit.
The contracting party is IDS Development Sp. z o.o.
An exceptional and quiet apartment building "Potocka Apartamenty" with a unique design will be erected at Potocka Street in the old and beautiful "Żoliborz Dziennikarski” distrct.
The five-5 storey building, which has commercial premises at the ground floor, 28 apartments with the surface area ranging from 24 sq.m. to 197 sq.m., an underground parking lot and a bicycle parking in the garage, is a quiet and exclusive place in one of Warsaw’s prestigious areas.
fot2The apartments have full-storey high windows, which ensures adequate amounts of sunlight in the interiors. All apartments on the upper floors come with balconies and those at the ground floor have adjacent terraces with gardens. The apartments are adapted for air conditioning installations.
Apart from unique design solutions, one of main benefits of "Potocka Apartamenty" is the investment’s great transport connection with any place in Warsaw. An urban bike station Veturilo is a wonderful addition for the residents, which will allows them to spend more time outdoors among the green areas of Żoliborz. The investment is located near bus stops, only 6 minutes from tram stops and a 15-minute walk from the closest metro station.
Modern and elegant architecture gives this quiet investment. located in the centre of the beautiful and old Żoliborz district, an extraordinary atmosphere. The supreme quality of execution and materials used ensures maximum comfort.
“Potocka Apartamenty" is a perfect place to live and relax.