Agreement to construct the Western sewer in Warsaw



 December 2018

On 12 December 2018, IDS-BUD S.A. concluded an agreement to construct the Western sewer. The Investor is Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji in the capital city of Warsaw S.A.
The subject of the investment includes construction of the following objects:
  • the Western sewer made of reinforced concrete pipes complying with PN-EN 1916 DN 1,2 m Lca 457m on the section from the existing sewer 1.8x2.25 m in Bohaterów Września street at the intersection with Dickensa street (K1 chamber) to Korotyńskiego street (K6 chamber);
  • a combined sewer made of GPR SN>40000 pipes complying with PN-EN 14364 DN 1.2 m Lca 411m in Korotyńskiego street on the section from the Western Sewer (K6 chamber) to Grójecka street (KII chamber);
As part of the investment subject, the Contractor is obliged to:
  • place the sewer over a length of 457.00 m on a reinforced concrete slab supported on CMC concrete columns,
  • all colliding sewer connections from rain drums in Korotyńskiego street as well as sewer connections and channels must be reconnected to the currently constructed channel;
  • if necessary, to perform other works, i.e. securing collisions and developing solutions for such collisions, surface reconstruction after the construction works, drainage of trenches, updating the agreement regarding security of intersections of the sanitary sewerage network with power cables, lighting and light-signalling cables, heating system,
  • draft an updated project or to prepare a new traffic organisation project for the time of the construction as well as to obtain all required agreements and permits,
  • carry out felling of trees and bushes,
  • plant substitute 200 trees and 1386 bushes
  • maintain an optimal traffic flow during the winter period along with winter road maintenance service, based on conditions received from the road manager in the event the works are suspended for the winter period;
  • carry out tests and remove any defects of the Works which are the subject of investment as well as carry out any activities necessary for the Contractor to conduct tests in order to hand over the Works for use;
Time for completion: 26 months from the contract conclusion date
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