Construction of a drying system hall along with a sewage sludge drying installation

Ostrów Wielkopolski

September 2019


On 09.09.2019, IDS-BUD S.A. concluded an agreement to perform the task: "Sewage sludge treatment – involving recovery or disposal processes, including preparation prior to recovery or disposal: Construction of a drying system hall along with a sewage sludge drying installation."
The ordering party is WODKAN Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji S.A. from Ostrów Wielkopolski.
The above-mentioned task is carried out as a design-build project. The order involves the design and implementation of a low-temperature sewage sludge drying installation system using heat pumps for the drying process, which will be installed in the newly constructed building holding the sludge drying installation. The scope of the project will include in particular:
  • Construction of the sludge drying installation building – a single-storey building with an area of about 350m2;
  • Assembly of a sludge drying installation in the above-mentioned building – low-temperature dryer based on heat pumps – 2 technological lines with the total capacity of about 31 Mg/d dehydrated sludge, amount of evaporated water: minimum 24 Mg of H2O/d;
  • Implementation of a system for transporting dehydrated sludge to the drying installation;
  • Implementation of a system transporting dried sludge to containers located in an existing warehouse shed;
  • Implementation of all necessary inter-site networks, including:
    • Dehydrated sludge pipelines/elevators supplying the sludge drying installation,
    • Process water connections,
    • Electric interconnections – two cable lines supplying individual technological lines of the dryer, derived from separate sections of the 0.4 kV Low-Voltage Main Switchboard in the Sewage Plant in Rąbczyn, providing the dryer with power supply, as well as auxiliary equipment and automation and steering installation,
    • Steering networks and data transmission,
    • Water supply system connections, which will ensure the supply of the drying installation building with water for social and technological purposes, as well as for fire protection purposes.
    • Leachate and domestic waste water disposal to the dehydrated sludge leachate pumping station.
  • Reconstruction of the layout of roads and squares in the area of the sludge drying installation building, including:
    • Newly built roads and squares for operating the sludge drying installation with the area necessary to carry out maintenance works on the installation – about 300m2,
    • Connection of newly built roads with the existing transport layout.
Within the project, it is also necessary to design and adapt the steering and automation systems of sludge drying processes under the project and ensure their full compatibility with the sludge dehydrating installation implemented as a separate investment task. The scope of the project includes the design and execution of construction works, delivery and assembly of technological equipment, as well as execution of works in the field of land development within the designed building and connection of all necessary utilities, steering installations and power supply.
Time limit for performing the order: 20 months from the date of concluding the agreement.
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