Construction of the Bis Central Collector at Leśna street in Olsztyn


October 2019


On 25.10.2019, a contract was signed in Olsztyn for the implementation of the following project: “Construction of the Bis Central Collector at Leśna street in Olsztyn”.
The project was commissioned by Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji Sp. z o.o.
The contractor is a Consortium composed of:
1.IDS-BUD S.A. – the Consortium Leader
2.Henryk Mazur conducting business activity under the name Mazur – Specjalistyczne Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Inżynieryjnych Henryk Mazur – the Consortium Partner.
The scope of works includes:
  1. preparatory works;
  2. earthworks;
  3. technological works related to the implementation of the designed collector (including a channel in an open trench and sections created using the microtunneling process);
  4. securing and rebuilding the collisions with existing utility infrastructure (water and sewage networks, power and teletechnical cables);
  5. switching the existing gravity channels and pressure pipelines;
  6. securing the stability of the escarpments with stay-in-place steel sheet piles
  7. road works related to the restoration and repair of the surface and the entry road for heavy equipment from the forest exit road to Leśna street;
  8. erecting retaining walls at the sides of Leśna street – in places where the collector sections covered with embankment are adjacent to the road
  9. preparation of as-built documentation;
  10. compensatory planting of greenery.
Facility description:
Gravity sanitary collector made of stoneware pipes or other rigid pipes which meet the following equivalence criteria: – pipe channel Φ 1.20 m in the trench – 2968.5 m – pipe channel Φ 1.20 m made with trenchless technology (microtunelling) – 680.5 m – channel pipe 2 x Φ 0.80 m, double draft with relief structure at the entrance to the forest – 2 x 16 m.
Additionally, the following will be implemented as part of the project:
  • inspection and connection chambers;
  • distribution chambers with shut-off and regulating fittings (K 1/2, K58);
  • inclusion of gravity channels: Φ 0.80 m and Φ 0.20 m;
  • inclusion of the existing DN 400 mm and DN 450 mm pressure pipelines, protection of pressure pipelines in the forest road;
  • reconstruction of the PVC raw water pipeline d = 110 mm and water-meter well;
  • protection of the existing MV power cables with two-part casing pipes at intersections with designed collector and pressure pipelines;
  • reinforcement of the existing embankment with stay-in-place steel sheet pile – over the length of 12 m; – retaining walls between the road of Leśna street and the collector – on the sections parallel to K23 ÷ K26 i K30 ÷ K32;
  • reconstruction of the power and signal cables of the monitoring camera (owned by the Employer);
  • reconstruction of the cable ducting owned by the Employer;
  • felling of trees and bushes colliding with the objects under construction;
  • compensatory tree planting – as part of compensation for tree felling
Completion date: 25.04.2021
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