Construction of an inter-system gas pipeline connecting the transmission systems of the Republic of Poland and the Republic of Lithuania



 May 2020

On 12 May 2020, IDS-BUD signed a contract for the implementation of construction works as part of the following investment: “Construction of an inter-system gas pipeline connecting the transmission systems of the Republic of Poland and the Republic of Lithuania, along with the necessary operational infrastructure in the Masovian, Podlaskie and Warmian-Masurian provinces, i.e. the Gas Interconnection Poland–Lithuania, Northern Section” TASK NO. 1 from the blocking and bleeding system (ZZU) in Rudka Skroda to the blocking and bleeding system (ZZU) in Konopki, 60.643km in length (from kilometre 0 to kilometre 60.643).  
Commissioning Party: Operator Gazociągów Przesyłowych GAZ-SYSTEM S.A.  
Scope of the commission:
The contract includes comprehensive implementation of the Investment, i.e. the construction of a DN700 high-pressure gas pipeline, MOP 8.4 MPa, 60.6 km in length, together with obtaining the Use Permit.
The gas pipeline route will include:
  • 3 blocking and bleeding systems: ZZU Rudka Skroda, ZZU Gnatowo and ZZU Konopki;
  • 26 underground crossings constructed using trenchless technologies (horizontal directional drillings/microtunneling);
The gas pipeline will run through the following communes of the Podlaskie Province: Mały Płock, Stawiski, Grabowo, Wąsosz, Szczuczyn, Grajewo.  
Detailed description:
The investment is co-financed by the European Union as part of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), a Project of Common Interest (PCI). The implementation of the Contract includes, in particular, the following obligations on the Contractor's part:
  1. performing all the activities covered by the Contract and Documentation,
  2. delivering the Materials and Equipment related to the implementation of the Investment, with the exception of Investor Deliveries (their receipt and storage),
  3. ensuring a secure storage place for the Materials, Equipment and Investor Deliveries,
  4. providing full geodetic, archaeological and sapper services for the Investment,
  5. constructing the gas pipeline, together with its auxiliary facilities,
  6. implementing the works using trenchless technologies,
  7. performing all the necessary works involving the removal of trunks and roots following the felling of trees and bushes,
  8. training the Commissioning Party's staff to the full extent necessary for proper exploitation and functioning of the Investment after its Operational Commissioning,
  9. performing communication activities,
  10. bringing the Construction Site and its surroundings to a condition from the day when they were taken over and bringing the Construction Site to proper condition and order, as well as settlement of compensations with the owners or other entities holding a legal title to the property, for the damages arising on these properties in relation to the Works carried out on those properties,
  11. performing the activities necessary for proper implementation of the Investment, commissioning and obtaining the Use Permit necessary for proper exploitation of the Investment.
Completion date: 26 months.
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